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Marina visited the congress and Mozart City Salzburg and got to experience the following hotels and venues: Hotel IMLAUER Pitter Hotel IMLAUER & Bräu Salzburg Congress Sheraton Grand Salzburg Hotel Goldener Hirsch St Peter Stiftskulinarium VEGA Sternwarte Mirabell Garten Meeting @ Goldener Hirsch VEGA Sternwarte St. Peter Stiftskulinarium Hotel Goldener Hirsch

Many of us are adjusting to the new normal of life during COVID-19, practicing social distancing, working from home, or schooling from home. At KORESE we are adjusting, too. Although we prefer seeing each other in person we’re still here for you.

Korese is glad to announce that we successfully went through the training and certification process and renewed our certification as a trusted partner of MedTech Europe. Therefore we have been granted the Trusted Partner Logo: For further details and information please visit the website: www.ethicalmedtech.eu (chartered organisations: www.ethicalmedtech.eu/ethical-charter/chartered-organisations)